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Do you want to plan the wedding of your dreams?

To plan a wedding takes much time and there are many decisions to make. Which venue is the one for you? Which baker makes the tastiest and prettiest wedding cakes? With the help of a wedding planner you'll be guided through the planning to make it less stressful and to be able to get the best vendors for your wedding. 

Here at J.A. Weddings, you'll meet me, Jenny Andersson, who is dedicated to plan the wedding of your dreams. 

about me 

I am a hopeless romantic who has seen "Love Actually" too many times (if you can...). I have a master's degree in tourism & hospitality and a wide range of experience ranging from tour guide, project manager for exhibitions in the museum industry to revenue management.

I've always loved planning parties, from dinners to themed parties, and it was when planning my own wedding thatI realized how much it is to plan a wedding.
After a few years I signed in to a course about wedding planning and 2018 I started my own business and have since worked full-time making my clients' wedding dreams come true.

I love to create personal, creative and vibrant weddings

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why choose me?

30+ weddings planned

wedding planner
and rentals

Calm and secure

With more than five years of experience of planning weddings and 30+ weddings planned I have the experience and contacts to successfully plan a wedding.

I am not only a wedding planner, I also rent out decor, table ware and furnitures. As my customer you have priority access to my rentals and, of course, a discount. 

My couples often say that I am calm and secure and that I am their safe point in the planning. This allows you to relax and trust that I have everything under control.

I always offer one, free meeting to make sure I am the planner for you.

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"My husband and I did not know the first thing about planning a wedding, and there just seemed like too many decisions to make. Jenny helped us figure out what we wanted for our wedding and planned out every detail for us. She was able to create a mood board for us so we knew which floral arrangements to order and planned a very elegant atmosphere for the wedding.
Everything went perfectly the day of the wedding and that was primarily due to all of Jenny's hard work. I may be a little biased, but I thought we had the most beautiful wedding. 5 stars, I would highly recommend Jenny for anyone who wants a stress-free wedding planning experience."

Kevin & Katrina
Kåseholm Castle

Thank's for contacting me!
I can't wait until I get to hear more about you and your wedding plans. Together, we can make your wedding absolutely amazing!

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